dimanche 12 avril 2015

Dimanche en musique / Music Sunday

Écrire une chanson sur un pull orange il fallait le faire. Et pourtant...

This video clip made me smile. Enjoy!

mardi 7 avril 2015

Mardi technique / Technical Tuesday

(English below)

J'ai enfin testé la méthode d'Ysolda (dont j'avais parlé ici) pour les torsades sans aiguille auxiliaire. Verdict : cela marche ! 

Et sinon, j'ai trouvé cette vidéo qui m'a l'air pas trop mal et d'autres explications très intéressantes sur le blog de Solenn. 

Et vous, quelle est votre méthode préférée ? 

Raving Mad #20 (1974)

I am knitting cabled mittens at the moment and remembered I had once posted a few links to various methods to cable without a cabling needle. I tried Ysolda's and it works very well, I think I will stick to this one. In the French version above, I posted a few links in French, have a look if you want to have a look at other methods, they are all well documented with pictures.

What about you? What is your favourite method? 

dimanche 5 avril 2015

Dimanche en musique / Music Sunday

J'ai perdu celle qui m'a donné goût au tricot, j'aime bien l'idée que la laine prenne ma douleur.

Joli dimanche chocolaté à vous.

 This is a French song and I love the video clip, you will understand why if you watch it. The lyrics literally mean "I am going to take away your pain". As I am mourning the very human being who introduced me to knitting, seeing wool why listening to this song is quite soothing. Happy Easter :)

mardi 31 mars 2015

Maëlle #2

(English below) 

Après les petits vêtements pour la naissance, voici la suite !

Petit bonnet Little Heaume (Solenn Couix-Loarer) en Korall (Laines du Nord)

et gilet Cute as one button (Lisa Sisk) en Aubusson (Fonty)

Gros succès dans les deux cas, désolée pour les photos de piètre qualité car prises avec mon téléphone  ! 

Babies grow up so I have knit more items for my cousin's daughter

Hat: Little Heaume (Solenn Couix-Loarer) in Korall (Laines du Nord)

Cardi: Cute as one button (Lisa Sisk) in Aubusson (Fonty)

Sorry for the pictures, they have been taken with my phone so they are not so great. This cute little girl will soon be one so I guess there will be more knitted gifts coming her way!

dimanche 29 mars 2015

Choses lues, choses vues / Things I saw and read

(English below) 

Petit bric-à-brac du dimanche... 

. Vous aimez les modèles de Jared Flood ? Voici la liste des traductions dans différentes langues, et il est même possible de se proposer comme traducteur / traductrice ! 

. Il me restait des Back Loop à lire sur In the loop, quelle bonne surprise ! 

. En parlant d'In the loop, les reportages sont toujours en ligne et certains sont très intéressants. 

. Dalila a trouvé une chouette idée pour les fins de pelote !

. Et quelques articles sur Wool War One. Qui a vu l'expo ? 

. Et pour finir, Andrea Brena, un créateur qui tricote... avec ses bras. Fascinant !

Beyoncé progression.
I still have a ton of more work to do on this, but I added her earrings, started sculpting the body, and started rooting the hair.
Hair rooting is so annoying that it pretty much makes me want to rip out my own hair. Ha.
Also, I’m still trying to figure out what kind of outfit I should put on her (Beyoncé has too many good ones!). Any suggestions are definitely welcome!

. Do you know the Fringe Association blog? It is a great reading and I especially love the "Our tools, ourselves" series (the link refers to an interview with Jared Flood). 

. Speaking of Jared Flood, I just discovered that his website has changed and now all the designers interviews and other interesting articles are featuring in the Notebook part. Have a look!

. Speaking of tools, I am always interested in knowing what the others use, and articles like this one are great. 

. Did you know that there are such things as knitting belts?! I did  not, thank you Ysolda

. Kate Davies' blog is another favourite reading of mine, and I love when she relates encounters such as this one with Hazel Tindall

What about you? Have you read interesting articles recently? Please share :)